Asset Management

Monitor and track your assets
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WorkPal allows you to monitor and track the service history of your assets.

Through WorkPal, fixed assets can be maintained, tracked and serviced giving a clear overview of the asset on-site, the condition and service history of the asset, any parts, notes, documents or forms on that asset.

All on-site asset information can be accessed through client portals. Barcode/QR Code scanning can be used on the mobile app to aid with the tracking, servicing and maintaining.

Scanning QR/Bar Codes on the mobile app can instantly pull through associated information of that asset, to allow for data capture.



Identify assets, log faults and record materials used with asset scanning QR or bar codes.


See the movement and service history of all assets logged on the WorkPal system.


Run asset reports to identify continuously failing assets and reduce the risk of downtime.

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“Having the ability to store a database of assets and have a complete service history while being able to quickly scan these assets, has made a massive difference to us as a company.”

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